This is about misrepresentation.

“People need to know," she said. "I want it on the record that this was not something I agreed to, and it’s a slippery slope we’re going down that now everything is available online … you can’t just take and use any picture out of context.” - Jenabu Balde 


Turns out ... According to an article by Brain Ries from The woman used in the viral image of "Bring Back Our Girls " campaign named Jenabu Balde has not been abducted and did not give permission to have her photograph associated with the cause.


Raise your hand campaign

With the start of a democratic South Africa 20 years ago came the resolution to emphasize the importance of education and the investment we must all make in the future of our children. Our late former president, Nelson Mandela, said himself that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change our world.

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